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I shoot in an informal and relaxed style and I capture as many key moments of the day as possible.

I try to limit posing to a minimum and while my main attention is that of the bride and groom, I always try to record as many family members and guests as possible during your special day.

As you are doing research and searching for your photographer, at this point you may have read or heard of several different photographic styles regarding wedding photography. Different styles include: Traditional style, Contemporary style, Photo-Journalistic style and Avant-garde approaches.  I will give you my interpretation of these styles.

Traditional: I would guess that 95% of all wedding shot prior to 1985 were shot in a traditional stye. If you saw your parents wedding album, most likely it was shot in a Traditional style. Images that are more posed, standard looking and have clean, clearly defined lines of composition.  Standard staged poses for the formals and key events.  If you've seen the standard bride/groom in the middle, and the bridal party lined up on each side, that's a traditional style shot.

Contemporary: This is a more modern style of photography.  I consider it to be mix of the traditional style, Photo-Journalism, and its own uniqueness, but not as unique as Avant-garde.  You could say, a mix of the old and the new.  The images are more relaxed and unique than Traditional styles photos.

Photo-Journalistic: Depending on who you talk to this could mean many different things.  When I hear the words, "do you shoot in a photo-journalistic style" I always think, technically, all weddings are shot in this manner, but the "group and formals" are where the other styles come into play.  I think of images that are to be captured of what and when it is happening, unscripted, and un-posed, basically, as it happens is how you shoot it.  To capture the essence of the moment without a second-take. These take on a more candid, but clean style and tell the story of day very clearly.

Finally, the most unique look is the Avant-garde style.  This is a style that is unique and does not conform along common lines.  If you want your images to look completely unique and not like the others, this would be the style for you.

With that said, you may now be wondering, "What style does Bob shoot?"

I do not consider myself to be classified as one particular style of shooter. Instead, I could be considered to be more of a blending of the 4 above mentioned styles with a nice lean towards the Contemporary/Photo-Journalism with a touch of the Avant-garde.  All the while maintaining many of the Traditional lines when needed.

I realize that many people feel uncomfortable when it comes to thoughts of having their photo taken, let alone be the center of attention all day and being photographed all day long. So instead of presenting, and posing you with a series of traditionally images, I do my best to record for you the natural emotions of you, your family, and your guests during your wedding day. I work in a more candid and non-invasive fashion, but still getting close enough to capture the intimacy of the moment.

I shoot entirely digital using Canon Digital SLR cameras. I haven't used film in many, many years and don't plan on returning to film anytime soon.  Also, using "fast" low light lenses which allows me to work using more natural light as much as possible.

In my opinion, digital allows for a greater working latitude, and also for more creative enhancement and color conversion in post processing.

Post-processing (after the photos are taken) is just as important as my work on the day of your wedding. All wedding packages includes many hours of hand finishing your images to give you the best possible memories of your day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call/email me. for further details and pricing

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